Department of Computer Science at RPTU in Kaiserslautern

Excellent Grades for Computer Science in the CHE University Ranking

The field of computer science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) received very good marks in the current university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). In several evaluation criteria, computer science was among the best in Germany. The students expressed great satisfaction with the general study situation and feel well-supported at the beginning and during the course of their studies. The full ranking is published in the "Zeit Studienführer". CHE Ranking Siegel

The variety and diversity of the courses offered and the strong connection between the different disciplines are well-received by the students. The ease of access to the courses is emphasized in the organization of the study program. The number of participants in the courses is also considered appropriate by the students and helps to ensure individual learning success.

The atmosphere of cooperation between students and lecturers is also particularly mentioned. This includes a well-developed ability to accept criticism and a greater willingness among the lecturers to respond to any suggestions for improvement and questions about teaching. The overall teaching skills of the lecturers are rated well above average.

CHE Ranking Siegel

The level of support during their studies is also rated as very good. The students feel that they receive good support, especially in the early stages of their studies. This verdict also reflects the wide range of services offered by the student council - from freshers' weeks to the distribution of old exams.

Finally, the quality and accessibility of teaching materials are also rated very positive. From the students' point of view, the preparation for exams in the classes is also very good and contributes to individual exam success. Students also appreciate the fact that the literature in the library is up to date and available. Another aspect of a helpful study environment is the ease of access to specialized software offered by the department's Computer Science Service Center (for example through campus licences or customized offers).

Good marks are also given to the scientific relevance - in particular, the practice of scientific thinking, very important at the university, is perceived well by the students surveyed.

"We are very pleased with the positive evaluations from our students. This is both a confirmation and an incentive for us to continue to ensure optimal study conditions." - says Dean Prof. Dr. Jens Schmitt.

More than 20 criteria are included in the current ranking. These include facts about studying, teaching and research, but also questions about the study conditions. This year, the subjects of biochemistry, biology/biosciences, chemistry, geography, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine, nursing science, pharmacy, physics, political science, sports/sports science and dentistry were examined. The CHE Ranking has been comparing more than 30 subjects at more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences for over 20 years.