Fachbereich Informatik an der RPTU in Kaiserslautern

Dennis Meckel

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hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Concepts and Tooling for the Ecosystem of the Behavior-Based Control Architecture iB2C"

( MPI-SWS talk in Kooperation mit dem Fachbereich Informatik)

Autonomous robot systems consist of hundreds of interacting software and hardware components. In the case of the behavior-based control architecture iB2C, these systems are controlled by hierarchically partitioned behavior networks. iB2C modules implement a standardized interface, are usually parameterizable, and can be interconnected with other components through data and meta signals. Although the individual components are ideally compact and highly specialized, composed networks are often complex due to the number of interconnections and parametrization options. Therefore, additional concepts and tools are needed to support the discovery, development, parametrization, and inspection of individual and composed components. New findings, processes, and solutions are integrated into and tested with the tool iB2C-Designer.


Time: Monday, 05.07.2021, 15:45

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