Courses of Studies

The Department of Computer Science offers a variety of different degree courses in order to cater for the broad application of the subject of computer science. The list of courses includes a traditional computer science degree course with a subsidiary subject of choice as well as computer science courses in applications e.g. vehicle technology, life sciences or economics. In addition the department offers teacher training courses and international master degree courses which are interdisciplinary and further educational or which offer a dual degree.

Master and Bachelor Courses of Studies

The Department of Computer Science offers the following Consecutive Course of Studies
The Department of Computer Science has introduced Bachelor's/Master's courses of studies "Computer Science" in 2005. [more ...]
The degree "Computer Science in Applications" accentuates the engineering constructive character of computer science which is essential for the creation of software systems. Students are taught specific skills from the area of application which are necessary for the creation and application of software systems from the area. The mathematical and natural scientific foundations are also geared to the area of application. [more ...]
Socialinformatics mainly deals with the analysis and modelling of the interaction between society and computer science, the co-evolution of social norms and processes and the supporting software. [more ...]
Courses of studies for teachers in computer science [more ...]

Master's Courses of Studies

The Department of Computer Science offers the following additional Master's Course of Studies and Distance Education Programs
The EMSE-program organize stays for students of computer science at associated European universities. [more ...]
The University of Kaiserslautern is the first university world wide to offer research-based tailormade postgraduate education exclusively focusing on commercial vehicle technology in co-operation with enterprises like Daimler, JohnDeere, Terex-Demag and other global players of the sector. [more ...]
The 'Distance and International Studies Center' (DISC) of the TU Kaiserslautern in partnership with the 'Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering' offers a Distance Education Program "Software Engineering for Embedded Systems" [more ...]
Mit einem benoteten Zertifikat können vertiefte Kenntnisse zur Unternehmenssoftware der Zukunft nachgewiesen werden. Es sind insgesamt 20 LP zu den Themen IT-Security, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing zu erbringen. [more ...]