Department of Computer Science

How To Apply (Bachelor)

Application Deadlines

You can apply / enroll to these courses of studies as well in summer session, as in winter session.

Application Deadlines for candidates who
- are German or EU citizen
- have a German degree (z.B. Abitur)
for candidates
from foreign countries
summer session 28 February 15 January
winter session 31 August 15 July

How do I become a student at Kaiserslautern University of Technology?

You will find all important subject-independent info regarding the studies in the brochure Information of the University of Technology for students and people interested in studying.

This comprises informations about:

Please send your application with the filled in Application Form for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants to the following address:
TU Kaiserslautern
Abteilung 4.1
Postfach 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern GERMANY

Please consider also the Information for foreign study applications on how to use the Application Form for Admission where applicable.


The fees per semester are
  • 245,23 EUR social insurance contribution
    (includes student ticket covering public transport services in and around Kaiserslautern)
More information concerning costs of study and living:

Furthermore, the University of Kaiserslautern must charge a fee (50 EUR) for the verification and acceptance of foreign qualifications and certificates. Please find more details here.